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Our Story


Ecofamile focuses on electronic products related to environmental protection, such as wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, mobile phone cases, charging cables, etc.

We started as a sourcing company in 2013 (WeApple Sourcing). For the last 3 years, more and more customers have entrusted us to resource environmentally-related products. The demand for our Eco-friendly products has surged sharply. To deliver the best of our service, we established Ecofamile, focusing on providing Eco Mobile Phone Accessories. We are now RCS/FSC certified company, for recycled plastic material and bamboo/cork series.


Our Guarantee


After 8 years of sourcing experience, we have connected with hundreds of companies (mostly are factories), deeply understand that it’s not only a time consuming but also grueling process to develop a reliable, fast response, responsible supplier.

Moreover, you are probably not always get the real info especially when you ask a supplier if they are real factory or not.

All the questions, will be ended when you meet us.

Every factory before we working with, we visited with their factory, check their qualification and learn their QC system, evaluate their cooperation degrees to make sure all the factories in our supplier system are all qualified and could support us very well.


Why we are different?

> We are always be honest to our clients to create a win-win business.

> We work deeply in eco field

> We develop our own moulding to help our customers stand out from competitors.


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Below shows the workshop of one of our most important partners for wheat straw series and TWS earbuds.

All kinds of testing machines for electronics products

Testing Lab-TINY.jpg

Sample testing room.png




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