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Recycled ABS Products Launched

Many customers are looking for products that are made of recycled materials, such as recycled ABS (RABS), recycled PET (RPET), recycled PC (RPC), recycled TPE (RTPE), etc.

Aware of the demand is increasing dramatically, we have also increased our development and investment in this field. After about3 months of development, we are very happy to share the following 5 products with you, all the cases are made of recycled ABS material. 

  1. Item No.: A10-1

    Product Name: RABS 3-in-1 Wireless charger with phone holder 

    5W/10W/15W for option, 15W with Type-c charging port

    Color: Black, White

    Click below picture for details

    A10-1 Recycled ABS wireless charger phone holder.png

  2. Item No.: WM10

    Product name: RABS Magnetic Wireless Charger with Bracket (phone holder)

    10W/15W optional

    Material: RABS + RTPE(cable)

    Color: Black, White

    WM10 RABS Magnetic Wireless Charger with RTPE cable.jpg

  3. Item No.: RS1010

    Product name: RABS Bluetooth Speaker

    Material: RABS + Bamboo

    RS1010 RABS Bluetooth Speaker.jpg

  4. Item No.: RS1020

    Product name: RABS Bluetooth Speaker

    Material: RABS + Bamboo

    RS1020 Recycled ABS Wireless Speaker.jpg

  5. Item No.: RS1030

    Product name: RABS LED Bluetooth Speaker

    Material: RABS

    RS1030 RABS Bluetooth Speaker for promotion.jpg 

More new items with RABS will be released soon, welcome contact us for more info.

You can reach out me by email or mobile:

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