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Cork Wireless Charger Pen Holder

Item No.: CM1020

5W/10W/15W optional wireless charger
stand with pen holder made from natural cork. Compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up. There are two USB A output ports for charging via cable.

CE, RoHS standard

CM1020-Cork Wireless Charger Pen Holder (5).jpg

Cork is a raw material from nature. It has elasticity, light weight and wear resistance, sound and heat insulation, waterproof and non-slip, corrosion resistance and insect resistance. The most important factor is environmental protection. The mother tree of cork is oak, which is usually harvested every 20 years and then every 9 years. There is no doubt that this is sustainable for our earth. 


Material: Cork 

Input: 5V/1A, 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A

Wireless Output: 5W/10W/15W

Charging efficiency: 70%              

Charging distance: <8mm 

With FOD function                 

Weight: 248g                                       

Size: 15.2*10.6*10.8 cm                      

Micro USB Cable length: 80CM